Justin Bieber through years.

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We can go nowhere but UP…

We can go nowhere but UP…

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Ed Westwick’s Tongue - March 5, 2012

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Not clear enough? Please watch: http://vimeo.com/37119711


Not clear enough? Please watch: http://vimeo.com/37119711

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 OH MY GOSH HAAHHAHAHAH THIS IS AMAZING every Belieber needs to listen to this. hilarious


convertin’ all the haters BITCH

omg i need this. download link pls. this is amazing!! 



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Click here to watch the video and #StopKony.

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Just listen. Tears will run down your face.

I love you Justin.

bawling, literally… he gives me legit hope. he’s hot,yes. he’s got a great smile.. but ultimately? he makes me happy. listening to his voice calms me down… when my dad and i fight, when i feel like i’m not good enough… i listen to his music. any of it. i go under his name on my ipod, hit shuffle, and slowly fall asleep with tears running down my face..just thinking about this…i can’t… he just gives me hope that i’ll succeed, even with the hardships i’m hit with now..

Need it on my blog again

the most legit thing ive ever rebloged. i love this more than anything

forever reblog.

my heart just melted


I love you Justin. Thank you…for everything, Even though you dont know me, I know you. And because of you…you give me the strength to carry on even with my messed up life.

Justin changed and saved million lives.Thank you so much for beeing such an amazing inspiration! #alwayskidrauhl , I love Justin,with all my heart ! <3

Every single part of my body is shaking right now. Justin, I love you with all my heart, and even though you don’t know us, the beliebers do. Not all of us are some crazy-ass bitches who scream when they see you. We can be calm, we can remain cool. This is how a real fan acts. You have to feel safe when you’re with your fans, not like you’re going to die, but some people overreact and can’t keep their calm. Anyways, thank you Justin. Thank you for everything. I’m proud to call myself a belieber and I know I’ll never regret it. You’ve changed my life! :’)

I don’t know how many times I’ve reblogged this, but it doesn’t matter. I have this on my phone so whenever I feel like giving up I listen to this, and Justin gives me hope. Justin I love you with all my heart and I hope that one day, I can say all this to your face. I love you justin<3

^ the post up there. his voice calms me, like just him. he makes me happy


Bawling. Every time this is on my dash, I have to reblog it. Like most of these ^ Beliebers have already said… he gives me hope. Every single day of my life. I went through a really rough patch not long ago, I went into this deep, deep depression. I cut. I even tried to kill myself. But Justin’s music helped me get out of it. He basically saved my life. I’m not one of those really obsessed Beliebers that will scream until I have no voice left when I finally meet him. When I meet him, I won’t scream, I might cry, but I’ll tell him how much he means to me and how much he’s helped me and how much I love him. I don’t just love him because he’s insanely beautiful, not just because of his voice… because he’s my inspiration, because he’s worked so hard to get to where he is, because he taught me to never give up on my dreams. Justin, I love you with every fibre of my being.

Everything about this is just truly amazing; and should give everyone hope and strength. <3 Even if you don’t like Justin, and you don’t have to admit,that overall he’s a really good person, and has so much passion, ambition and integrity, it’s like unbelievable.

You guys said everything I wanted to say.Justin gives me hope and strength every single day of my life!! I also went through a really tough time a few years ago,and I was so depressed.The only thing that really saved me was Justin. I wanted to kill myself and I felt like I was the worst person alive! I wouldn’t be here without him.His wise words and his music saved my life.His voice make me feel good and give me strengh to do anything and to face any problem. Being a belieber was the best decision I’ve ever made in my life! Thank you Justin,for everything <3

Beliebers are amazing. The love they feel for Justin is just amazing. We truly LOVE you. You and your music changed our lives.

Can I die? omg, i’m crying right now. Thank you for everything, Justin. I love you more than anything. You’re my life. You make me happy and strong. I’m so proud of you… I will always be with you. You changed my life.


Justin changed my life. I love him so much. Forever reblog

Can’t stop crying

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